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The constant use of aloe vera during history offers us the evident proof that its benefits and properties are demonstrated.

Mercaloe was born with the philosophy of organic farming, we do not apply anything that is not of plant origin because of harmony with the environment. In this way the properties of aloe vera are obtained under optimal conditions.

Ecological Certification

In Mercaloe we know the importance of the way of farming in how a plant develops. Therefore, all our Aloe Vera plants are organically grown. We have an ecological certificate, betting on quality agriculture.



Aloe Vera

Some benefits of organic Aloe Vera

Cell regenerator

Topical use due to skin conditions such as allergies, wounds, burns, etc.

Nutrient Rich

It provides our body with essential nutritional elements for health.

Premium quality

Protects from solar radiation, taking care of the skin against the negative effects of the sun.

Improves Circulation

Excellent home remedy to apply in our body and help better blood circulation.

aloe vera para la cara

Our Crops

Aloe vera barbadensis cultivated under 100% ecological certification, obtaining a high quality raw material that consumers of our leaves can transform into the desired product, allocating it to food, cosmetics or agriculture

The key to our aloe vera is that it is grown in the southeastern area of ​​Spain, where the climate is mild, with the absence of frosts and very mild winters, more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and a great luminosity and an average total rainfall of 150 liters per year. Thanks to these climatic conditions, the cultivation of aloe vera is done in optimal conditions and this is reflected by the appearance of our leaves and their gel content.

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