Aloe vera pure, how to recognize it?

Aloe vera has many beneficial properties for our life, for the skin, hair, digestion, for the diet … in general, for our life.

For this reason, there are many people interested in buying aloe vera as pure and natural as possible, to make the most of its properties and its benefits, but how to recognize pure aloe vera from the one that is not?

With aloe plants, aloe vera is obtained as pure and natural as possible

Therefore, there are many people interested in buying an aloe vera plant to get 100% pure and natural aloe vera, and make natural cosmetics themselves, such as homemade pure aloe vera gel or hair shampoo. This plant is also used as food, for example, drinking aloe helps solve digestive problems such as abdominal bloating or heartburn.

Other people choose to directly buy products that contain some percentage of this plant. This is problematic since not all products present in the market contain aloe with the same quality and the same quantity.

Products with aloe vera

Products containing aloe vera, present this plant in different formats and conditions: gel, juice, concentrate, powder and extract.

It is important to know all of them, in order to take home the best product with aloe vera on the market, as natural and pure as possible. Next, we will distinguish them:


it is the pulp of the crushed aloe leaf
It has many vitamins, minerals and is rich in polysaccharides. However, it may contain aloin.


It is the most common way to find aloe vera in the market
It is like aloe vera gel, but processed and totally free of natural aloin that this plant has. Even so, it continues to maintain the same beneficial properties.


it's simply dehydrated gel


The extract is a mixture between aloe vera powder and water.
We recommend that products containing powdered aloe vera be thoroughly checked before buying them (especially their components), as they usually contain less than 10% aloe.


Therefore, what is the most successful presentation? We recommend as a first option to buy an aloe vera plant to get the product as ecological, natural and pure as possible, and if this is not possible, we recommend as a second option to buy the aloe leaves directly. Well, the properties of this plant are lost immediately, practically after being harvested, although there are companies that use tools or methods to avoid it and cold stabilizers.

If you can not opt for any of these two options, there is also the third option, you should buy a product that guarantees as pure and natural as possible aloe. These products can be found at different points of sale: cosmetics stores, pharmacies, herbalists …

Where to buy organic aloe vera plants?

There is no excuse for not opting for any of the first two options. However, you can buy natural aloe vera plants or aloe leaves, in our online store of organic farming Mercaloe.

How to make homemade pure aloe vera gel?

Finally, as we know you are interested in making pure homemade aloe gel and learn how to preserve it, we show you this video of Victoria Moradell, Technician in Natural Cosmetics.

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