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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera grown in a protected natural environment. Our crops are totally organic.

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Aloe Vera

Unique Aloe

In Mercaloe we work to offer you our product with the highest quality, unique and special.


Fresh natural Aloe Vera leaf.

100% Natural

It is very rich in nutrients and more substances for our body as a healing and regenerating plant.

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Why Mercaloe?

From Mercaloe we seek the highest quality in our products

Our plantation

It is grown and harvested by hand and respecting the environment

Aloe product

Fresh aloe vera leaves for those who like to make their own formulas

Ecological certification



Our 100% ecological plantations

100% Ecological

Natural cultivation philosophy, because of harmony with nature and the environment.

Leave Cut

The leave is sealed so that the gel remains in perfect condition.

Premium quality

With the 100% organic crop we obtain a first quality raw material.

Optimal Climate

Cultivation is done in optimal conditions, reflected in the appearance of our aloe vera.


In Mercaloe we offer the possibility of acquiring pure, 100% natural Aloe Vera fresh leaves, directly collected by our farmers, without any additives or chemicals, in order to obtain the purest potential of the Aloe Vera plant.

These known plants are frequently used for their known medicinal properties, used as cell regenerator, hydrating and its great contribution of vitamins.

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  • aloe vera para el pelo


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cómo plantar aloe vera

Cómo plantar aloe vera

 El aloe vera es una planta conocida por sus propiedades medicinales y beneficios para la salud. También es fácil de cultivar en casa, lo que

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