10 organic aloe vera shoots

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  • Aloe vera barbadensis.
  • Minimum 12 months old.
  • Ecological certified plant.


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Start having your own aloe vera plantation watching day by day as they grow.

Enjoy the 200 active elements by obtaining them directly from their natural packaging: your home pharmacy. Aloe vera plants also assist us in ending harmful particles that are suspended in the air.

Organic aloe vera plants, well over 1 year.


Buying these little children, you can plant your own aloe vera directly benefiting from all the properties that this plant has. You can also choose to use their sheets directly. They have fleshy leaves, allowing you to take advantage of their great juice in several applications.


Purchase subject to seasonal availability.



1 valoración en 10 organic aloe vera shoots

  1. John

    All perfect! Thanks!!

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