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Properties of aloe vera in winter

We already know that aloe vera has many properties, especially when it comes to 100% pure aloe vera coming directly from the plant without any modification. Now, which of these properties and benefits are useful for winter? We’ll tell you then.


6 Properties of aloe vera in winter

1. Aloe vera gel for dry skin

In winter our skin dries much more, we notice it more tight, irritated and annoying. On some extreme occasions even our skin may bleed.

Pure aloe vera gel is really beneficial to moisturize and nourish the skin without greasing! So we can have a healthy, beautiful and comfortable skin.

The lips, the face, and the hands are also part of our skin, and they are very sensitive to be exposed directly to the cold, they suffer serious alterations during the winter, the aloe vera gel also helps to moisturize these dry and vulnerable parts.


2. Aloe vera for flu and colds

Aloe Vera is a natural remedy to relieve the flu and colds of winter:

– Inhaling water vapor with aloe vera relieves cold symptoms that you may have in the respiratory system.
– When we have the outside of the nose irritated by the continuous need to clean the nostrils, the application of aloe will cause the skin does not irritate or crack.

As a remedy for flu, we can also create our own syrup made with pure aloe vera gel, we only have to combine and liquefy at the same time lemon juice (to taste), honey (2 tablespoons) and aloe gel (approximately 200ml) and take it three times a day.

3. Aloe vera juice for sore throat and aphonia

Pure and natural aloe vera also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help us get rid of throat discomfort. To do this, we must take this pure aloe vera juice that we can make ourselves, just combine and blend hot water, honey and our pure aloe vera gel.

Aphonia is also typical of winter, and the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera come in handy for healing. There are several aloe juices that can help us with this discomfort, one of them is the following: combine half of aloe vera juice and mineral water mitas, gargle with half the content and drink the other half, make this juice 1 to 2 times a day.

Although we have put two recipes for pure aloe vera juice for winter, you can also find more on the internet.


4. Aloe vera juice copious meals

If something is recognized, winter is for Christmas, and Christmas is full of copious foods that we cannot get rid of.

The copious meals cause us very heavy digestions causing us discomfort in the body, gases or acidity.

Drinking aloe vera juice before these meals will relieve us, since aloe regulates the digestive system and promotes alkalization of body tissues.

Also, aloe vera juice reduces and lowers blood cholesterol levels, so it is perfect for people who have cardiovascular problems.


5. Aloe vera to fight diseases of the bone system

The cold causes bone pain. Osteoarthritis, arthritis or rheumatism are diseases that can get worse from the cold.

Aloe vera has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for people who have diseases related to the bone system.

6. Aloe vera as sunscreen

Exactly, in winter we also wear sun protection because we can burn, because despite the cold, the sun is still very present, especially in areas with snow.

Sun creams with aloe vera protect us from burns and ultraviolet radiation.


Where to buy pure aloe vera?

Pure aloe vera is the best aloe product that can be used to make our juices, creams, juices, sunscreens, etc …

But where can pure aloe vera be obtained? How can we recognize it?

Pure aloe vera is the one that comes directly from the plant itself, but if you don’t have the plant you can also buy its fresh organic leaves directly.
Aloe vera plants in winter, how to care for them?

Our aloe vera plants are very resistant, but one of its enemies is cold, so in winter we have to take care of our plant in conditions, have it in the warmest possible places.

Watch out! Check regularly the color of your aloe plant, if the aloe acquires a brown color it means that it is getting too much sun and can get sick, so you should place it in a place with less sun.

When there are risks of rain or snowfall it is important to protect the pot so that it does not suffer damage.

Even if it gets very cold and you see that the plant is getting sick (fallen and soft leaves), take it inside the home and place it in a place that receives as much sunlight as possible.

Finally, we leave this video that we find very interesting on how to revive an aloe vera plant that is in very bad conditions:

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